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115 Saintly Fun Facts: Daring Deeds, Heroic Happenings, Serendipitous Surprises - Paperback

You might be surprised to learn about the saint who rode a donkey backwards, the saint who helped a "criminal" escape from prison, the saint who was afraid of water, the saint who was kidnapped by pirates, and lots more!

A Catholic Child's Picture Dictionary - Hardcover

A Catholic child's "pictionary" of 240 inviting illustrations and 420 childlike definitions of all interesting Catholic persons, places, and things from "Abraham" to "Zeal" to which your child must be introduced.

A Companion to Catholic Education - Paperback

This reader introduces the key theological themes of Catholic Religious Education today, providing an appropriate core text for those who are being educated to become Catholic teachers and preparing to work in Catholic schools.

An Introduction to the Liturgical Year - Paperback

These books combine clear text with lavish, colorful pictures to help readers understand the foundations of the Catholic faith.

Arts and Crafts from A to Z: Over 150 Ideas for Catechists and Religion Teachers - Paperback

How do you create memorable lessons that bring faith to life?
Start with crayons and markers. Add some glue, paint, and paper. Make a mess. Clean it up. Have fun. Teach a lesson. Share your work. Repeat as often as necessary.

Beastly Bible Stories: Book 1 All the Gore and More- Paperback

You may knows lots of friendly Bible tales about animals, angels and the baby Jesus - but that's only half of the story. This book is full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that the other children's Bible stories are afraid to mention.

Beastly Bible Stories: Book 3 Death and Deliverance - Paperback

12 lively-told Old Testament stories 'full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that other children's Bible stories are afraid to mention.
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