Life,Passion,Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ Book 2 - paperback

Author: Emmerich, Bl Anne Catherine
Publisher: Angelico Press
Product Code: 9781621381839
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Quick overview Brentano's complete notebooks (in 38 volumes) of Anne Catherine Emmerich's visions of the life of Jesus published in 4 volumes.
Product description
Various editions of the Anne Catherine Emmerich's remarkable visions have been compiled over the years, but only recently (2009) have Brentano’s complete notebooks (in 38 volumes) been published, and this new 4-volume edition benefits greatly from this new resource. Anne Catherine was so attuned to the life of Jesus that her visions encompassed minute details of time and place. Along with other supplements, this definitive edition incorporates a day-by-day chronology and—during the days of Passion—a nearly hour-by-hour itinerary. It contains also 43 detailed maps specially drawn to depict Jesus’s journeys. Many efforts have been made to date events in the life of Jesus, but those offered in this edition differ from all previous efforts in that they derive from the application of modern chronological science to the totality of Anne Catherine’s visions as a coherent whole. In addition, 149 illustrations drawn from the monumental work of the French painter James J. Tissot (1836–1902)—who was himself largely inspired by his Anne Catherine’s visions—are distributed among the 4 volumes. Over the years many have attested to the transformative power of these visions, and on Oct. 3, 2004, Anne Catherine was beatified by Pope John Paul II. It is the publisher’s hope that these visions, so engaging as historical narrative and so replete with spiritual insight, may open a gateway—for the many moderns who have fallen out of connection with the life and teaching of Jesus—to the earthly garden where the Spirit bloomed, and blossoms still. “An extraordinary, captivating look at how a major mystic ‘saw’ the life of Jesus, with monumental artwork that brings us to Palestine two thousand years ago, unfolding for our inspiration and discernment the greatest event in the history of humanity since Creation.” —Michael H. Brown, Spirit Daily “To call Angelico’s new, definitive edition of Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions of the life of Jesus a stunning, moving, and beautiful epic is almost an exercise in understatement.”—Kevin Vost, author of Memorize the Faith “This magnificent and compelling treatise, centered upon the earthly life of of Jesus as perceived mystically by the stigmatized Seeress of Dülmen, captivates and enlightens. Its publication at this critical moment in church history could well be providential.”—Wolfgang Smith, author of Christian Gnosis “Angelico Press has established a landmark in publishing this definitive, revised, and supplemented new edition of the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich. Beatified by John Paul II in 2004, the prophetess who foresaw a ‘Church of darkness’ and an unprecedented crisis in the papacy clearly speaks to our times. This multi-volume work will be the authoritative English-language reference for her testimony.”—Christopher Ferrara, author of The Secret Still Hidden “These volumes, so beautifully bound, so carefully annotated, so majestically illustrated with Tissot’s original paintings and drawings (and so well mapped!), will help tune the hearts of our skeptical age toward the mysterious, which is


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