Pathways to God: A guide to the Practice of Silent Prayer - Booklet

Author: Nicholson, Paul
Publication Date: 01/05/2017
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  • Format: A6 Booklet
  • Dimensions: 105mm by 148mm
  • ISBN : 9781784691745
  • Number of Pages: 52
  • £2.50
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    Silence allows the restless mind to become still and in the stillness we enter a new world – a world in which our hearts are more directed to God and one where we find our true selves.

    Drawing on a tradition that has its roots in the experience of the Jesuit founder St Ignatius of Loyola, Fr Paul Nicholson invites readers, who are looking to the Christian contemplative tradition for inspiration and guidance, to develop their approach to prayer. Written with great clarity, depth and authority, this small book presents one of the most inspiring but challenging hurdles that we shall ever face: to surrender the persistent noise of the world for the way of the heart that leads us to God.
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