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The CTS bookshop is located at:


CTS Bookshop
25 Ashley Place,
Westminster Cathedral Piazza,
London SW1P 1LT

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm  
Sunday: Closed

 The Catholic Truth Society (CTS) is a unique Catholic Charity (no. 218951) publishing non-stop since 1868.

The Catholic Truth Society is motivated today by the same desire that inspired its foundation: to evangelize and to spread the Catholic faith through the written word. Our Mission Statement says it all:

CTS Mission Statement:  

CTS supports the constant spiritual renewal of the Church and the faithful. Our mission is to promote knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith among Catholics and non-Catholics, the wider Christian community and general enquirers, by publishing and disseminating Catholic publications at affordable prices. CTS receives financial and spiritual support from the Catholic community to carry out its work.

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About the CTS:

The CTS publishes books and resources to help Catholics gain a deeper understanding of their faith and share it with others.There are over six hundred CTS publications currently available. These give practical help to millions of people through the CTS’s famous church racks, and also reach schools, hospitals, prisons, seminaries, missions, the media, enquirers, not just in the UK but worldwide.

As an integral part of this mission, the CTS has since 1926 run a bookshop at a site next to Westminster Cathedral in central London. The CTS Bookshop aims to provide the very best Catholic reading, faithful to the magisterium (the Church's teaching) and sourced from a wide range of suppliers across the world. We have the full range of CTS publications, and act as a literal shop window for the Society's publishing work.

We also sell an extensive and carefully chosen range of books from other publishers, which complement the mission of the CTS. At any one time, we will have something like six thousand titles in stock. These include Catholic theology, the Church Fathers, spiritual reading, books about prayer and books of prayers, fiction and poetry with Christian relevance, and books on living the Christian life in all its contemporary aspects. Our staff are happy to assist with advice drawn from their extensive knowledge of Catholic publishing and the range of our stock if you are unsure about anything we sell (see our Contact Page).

We also stock a wide range of other items of interest to Catholic Christians: statues, icons, rosaries, gift items for First Communion and Confirmation, Christmas and Easter cards, prayer cards, religious jewellery. We sell various items produced by monastic communities around the world, allowing you to support their varied apostolates as well as our own. See our Monastic Suppliers page for details: monastic-suppliers

We sell votive candles and (in season) advent candle sets; we do not sell plain wax candles for general church use.

We have a small selection of church plate - chalices, patens, reliquaries, cruet sets &c. We do not stock altar cloths, purificators, or other church linen, nor other general church supplies. For these things you should contact a church supplier.

We also stock mantillas (lace head veils worn by women). We do not currently sell any other clothing or vestments.

To learn more about the CTS's work, or to place a bulk order for CTS publications, visit our main website

The CTS has a fascinating history which can be read about here.


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