Anniversary of Religious Profession Cards


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75th Anniversary of Religious Profession Card - Marvelous are God's ways

Text Inside:
"Through your 75 years of devotion God has been faithful and the church has been blessed. Thank you for a lifetime of loving service."

Anniversary of Religious Life Card

Text Inside:
"Your years of service to God and others are a wonderful witness to everyone. God bless you."

Anniversary of Religious Life Card - God bless you on your 40th aniiversary of Religious Life

Text Inside: Once in a while, there comes someone very special like you… who not only serves the church and its people faithfully, but who makes of their own life a living testimony of Christ’s love...

Anniversary of Religious Life Card - On your 60th jubilee of religious life

Text Inside:
"Happy Congratulations! God richly bless you for for your many years of loving service."

Ordination Anniversary Card - Golden Jubilee Card - 50 Years

Text Inside:
"Sending Congratulations and good wishes on this day. 50 years you have served the Lord in the most special way. May this Anniversary bring happy memories to you. May the days ahead be filled with many blessings."

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