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A Child's Treasury of Bible Stories - Hardback

A Child's Treasury of Bible Stories Religious Child's Treasury of Bible Stories.

A Companion to Catholic Education - Paperback

This reader introduces the key theological themes of Catholic Religious Education today, providing an appropriate core text for those who are being educated to become Catholic teachers and preparing to work in Catholic schools.

A Life of Our Lord for Children - Paperback

Marigold Hunt begins with Adam and Eve and goes quickly through the Old Testament to Jesus, whom she presents simply but not trivially, so children encounter Him in His goodness, His suffering, and His majesty.

A Little Lower Than the Angels - Paperback

Gabriel has no idea what the future will hold when he runs away from his apprenticeship with the bad-tempered stonemason.

A Missal for Little Ones - Hardback

This simple missal allows a young child to follow the prayers and actions of the holy Mass step by step.

A New Baby Is Coming!: A Guide for a Big Brother or Sister - Paperback

Elf-help Books for Kids - Addressing the needs of children and the adults who care for them. Written by Emily Menedez-Apontel; Illustrated by R.W. Alley A new baby's arrival is an occasion of joy, excitement and anticipation.

A Story of St. Catherine of Alexandria - Hardback

A Story of St. Catherine of Alexandria is a magnificent story of another of God's great saints - an example to young girls and Catholics of all ages and time.

A Story of St. John Bosco - Hardback

John Bosco is a favorite saint of all Catholic youth but especially of boys. A Story of St. John Bosco details the life of this great saint.
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