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Why Priests are Happy: A Study of the Psychological and Spiritual Health of Priests - Paperback

Summary of findings -- Two statistical surveys: the sample and the method -- Physical health and self-care -- The psychological wellness of priests -- Burnout and priesthood -- Happiness and priesthood -- Factors contributing to priestly happiness --

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul


With the Smell of the Sheep: The Pope Speaks to Priests, Bishops, and Other Shepherds - Paperback

In this moving and often intimate volume, consisting of all Pope Francis's addresses to priests and bishops, he shares his vision of the priesthood, ministry, and service to the People of God.

Within and without: Renewing Religious Life


Witness to Love: How to Help the Next Generation Build Marriages That Survive and Thrive - Paperback

Extraordinary marriages don't just happen. They flow from grace-filled, faithful, and fruitful covenants of love.
In Witness to Love, the Verrets issue a challenge to us all. Share your lives, share your heart, share your love. Make disciples!

Women in the Priesthood?: A Systematic Analysis in the Light of the Order of Creation and Redemption - Paperback

Fr. Manfred Hauke This book should become the standard reference in the debate about women's ordination. The author cites copiously from American as well as European sources and presents the feminist position in the words and categories...

Women, Sex, and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching - Paperback

'Women, Sex, and the Church' challenges the common misconception that Catholic teachings are anti-women and anti-sex. Instead, these women explore precisely how controversial teachings on abortion, sex, marriage, contraception, and reproductive...

Would You Date You? - Paperback

Would You Date You? asks a pointed question, and then goes on to provide honest answers.
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