Christian Love - Booklet

Author: Edwards, John S.J.
Publication Date: 10/05/2013
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  • Sexuality, Marriage, and the Single Life
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm
  • ISBN : 9781860828577
  • Number of Pages: 64
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    What does the Catholic Church teach on love and sex?

    In this classic guide, Fr Edwards sets out a clear exposition of what love means in marriage, in chastity and in virginity.

    This booklet opens up clear thinking about the issues which, despite huge secular pressures to do so, just won’t go away: contraception, premarital sex and homosexuality.

    It is an honest, engaging and straightforward Catholic blueprint for everyone – single, celibate or married – to aid them in seeing love for what it truly is: a gift, both human and divine, which is utterly beyond compare.

    Formerly published as ‘Ways of Loving’.

    An accessible explanation of the beauty and joy in Christian marriage. Includes a powerful defence of the celibate vocation. Fr Edwards has written other successful titles on forgiveness and many other aspects of Christian life.

    About the author:

    Fr John Edwards SJ, who died in December 2012, spent many faithful years in the service of the Church and was an experienced spiritual director. Since his ordination in 1964 his varied priestly ministry brought him to the USA, Mauritius and various countries in Africa as well as directing many parish missions in Britain.

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