CTS Onefifties: Heritage Series

CTS 1868 - 2018
CTS Onefifties: Heritage Series
A collection of classic titles to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Catholic Truth Society / CTS Publishers.

Introducing CTS Onefifties: Heritage Series for CTS’s 150th birthday CTS Onefifties celebrate the huge range and diversity of CTS publishing, with books from the pens of the celebrated and famous as well as the aspiring and lesser known, across a century and a half. They take us from Victorian England to the two great wars, from the certainties of 19th century piety to the 1968 sexual revolution. Here are great testimonies of faith, sparkling apologetics, struggles with the big and smaller issues of the day, and both quaint and inspiring insights into the meaning of life and all its hopes and challenges; above all the story of faith that has shaped the lives of generations.

The CTS archive represents a unique and valuable resource illustrating the changing concerns of the Catholic population of England since the late 19th century. As part of our celebration of CTS’s 150th anniversary, we are reissuing a selection of some of the more interesting items from our archive in new, modern editions. We hope these will prove to be both of historical interest and, indeed, of enduring value to Catholics and others today.

This first series includes some great names – Stevenson, Chesterton, Belloc, Newman, Knox, Benson and Danielou; historians of the calibre of Thurston, Dawson and Hollis; the founding fathers of CTS – Herbert Vaughan and James Britten, those associated with its formative years – Mary Elizabeth Herbert and Eileen Boland; many of the apologists writing for CTS in the mid-20th century were household names – Francis Ripley, Bede Jarrett, Vincent McNabb, Martin D’Arcy and others. In these first 25 mini-books you will find moving accounts of life both at the front and at home in the two great wars; fiction penned in 1899 and 1935; Christians grappling through the decades with great social change, politics, and the perennial questions of death, courtship, vocation and peace. Fascinating pieces are included – one eye witness account of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, and Robert Louis Stevenson’s robust defence of Fr Damian de Veuster’s heroic work among the lepers of Molokai. We have taken on the daunting task in this first series of trying to achieve some balance between writers and topics, male and female, unique time-pieces and texts that pass the test of time. We will be working hard on that in future series releases and welcome your feedback and requests. There are over 7000 titles to chose from!

There is something original and special here for everybody. Our hope is that you can dip into the past - and find the present.

We want to share with you the treasures we have in our archive, for you to enjoy –to make accessible wonderful gems from over the last 150 years and hitherto not available, and so celebrate our anniversary with you.

Publication Date: October 2017

Miracles - CTS Onefifties - Booklet A City Set on a Hill - CTS Onefifties - Booklet Finding the Way Back - CTS Onefifties - Booklet The Gunpowder Plot - CTS Onefifties - Booklet Nuns - What are they for? - CTS Onefifties - Booklet
Islam, Britain & the Gospel - CTS Onefifties - Booklet Stories of the Great War - CTS Onefifties - Booklet Life Within Us - CTS Onefifites - Booklet Inside Communism - CTS Onefifites - Booklet Courtship - Some Practical Advice - CTS Onefifties - Booklet
Resurrection - CTS Onefifties - Booklet Two Conversion Stories - CTS Onefifties - Booklet Medieval Christianity - CTS Onefifties - Booklet A Library of Tales - Vol 1 - CTS Onefifties - Booklet A Library of Tales - Vol 2 - CTS Onefifties - Booklet
War at Home and at the Front - CTS Onefifites - Booklet The Church & the Modern Age - CTS Onefifties - Booklet The Prayer of St Thérèse of Lisieux - CTS Onefifites - Booklet The Problem of Evil - CTS Onefifties - Booklet Who is St Joseph? - CTS Onefifties - Booklet


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