We have tried to make this website as clear and simple to understand as we can but we cannot be held responsible for missunderstandings that may arise. Please ask us if something is not clear.

Occasionally a book may be reissued with a different cover image to the one displayed; unfortunately publishers don't always release cover images until the book itself is already available. The inside of the book will normally be the same. Where we can, we will update the images on our site to reflect the actual books we have in stock. But we would ask your understanding that this is not always immediately possible. Where the content of a book has changed, this will normally result in a wholly new and separate record. Again, if you need a book with a particular cover image (to complete a set, for example), let us know and we will see what we can do.

We are a Catholic bookseller, and this is reflected in the range of books and other items we stock. For this reason, there are some things we do not stock - non-Catholic bibles, for instance, books not agreement with the teaching of the Magisterium, or books by writers whose work has incurred ecclesiastical sanction. This is a function of our mission, part of the wider mission of the CTS, which is to provide reliable faithful and accessible Catholic teaching. It is not a comment on the importance or value or quality of items we do not stock, merely of their relevance to Catholic teaching.

From time to time books, even good books, go out of print. As booksellers we have little or no influence over this; do please take the matter up with the relevant publisher if you feel strongly that a particular title deserves to be made available again. We cannot normally give contact details for publishers but the internet will generally provide them.

We cannot source out of print books for you. For this you need a second-hand bookseller. There are many of these readily available via the internet or second-hand bookshops. Obviously we are not responsible for the availability or pricing of items sold by anyone else.

Lastly, you may have seen a review of a book before the book itself is available to buy. This is because some publishers will distribute review copies ahead of the actual publication date to encourage sales. Sometimes of course we may simply have overlooked something (we do our best, but cannot keep track of absolutely everything in the world of Catholic books). Do please email us if you are looking for a book you have seen reviewed but cannot find in our shop; we will see what we can do.

Please note that we do not sell items that have been blessed, or pre-signed Mass cards, nor are we able to provide relics of saints, beati, or Servants of God. Canon Law expressly forbids this.

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