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A Journey Back to Eden: My Life and Times Among the Desert Fathers - Paperback

Written as a journal, Journey Back to Eden recounts Mark Gruber's year of spiritual discovery among the austere desert monasteries of Egypt. His journey began almost accidentally as part of his doctoral research, but it became more, much more.

A Soloviev Anthology - Hardback

Hailed as 'the Russian Newman', the great Eastern theologian, poet and mystic Vladimir Solovyov has been unjustly neglected in the West.

An Introduction to the Christian Orthodox Churches - Paperback

This clear and accessible introduction describes the life of the Orthodox Churches of the Christian East from the accession of the Emperor Constantine in 312 up to the year 2000.

Bread and Water, Wine and Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience - Paperback

Worry, despair, insecurity, fear of death ... these are our daily companions, and even though we attempt to ignore them or try to crowd them out, they are there, waiting for us in our quieter moments.

Byzantine Theology: Historical Trends and Doctrinal Themes - Paperback

For over a thousand years, Eastern Christendom had as its center the second capital of the Roman Empire-Constantinople, the New Rome,or Byzantium.

Chrismation: A Primer for Catholics

What is chrismation? Nicholas Denysenko breaks open chrismation as sacrament of belonging by exploring its history and liturgical theology. This study offers a sacramental theology of chrismation by examining its relationship with baptism and the Euc

Christ is in Our Midst: Letters from a Russian Monk - Paperback

Steeped in wisdom and humility, these are letters of a true contemplative and spiritual guide, able to rejoice and trust God in the face of an increasingly materialistic world, discerning in all circumstances meaning and a dimension of eternity.

Collected Works: v. 1: The Inner Kingdom - Paperback

This work is a revised and expanded version of a book that has appeared in several languages. It focuses on themes central to Eastern Christian worship and spiritual life.

Coming Closer to Christ: Confession and Forgiveness - Paperback

Best-selling spirituality author covers all aspects of confession and forgiveness. As a Russian Orthodox teacher he has a much warmer and more personal approach that that which we often see.


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