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Casting Nets with the Saints: Learn from the Best How to Share the Faith - Paperback

In his newest book, Casting Nets with the Saints, author and speaker Chris Stewart builds on The Seven Pillars of Effective Evangelization, using entertaining stories of the saints to demonstrate.

Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Craft of Catechesis - Paperback

This book examines the important issue of how to teachit (pedagogy). A must for every teacher who wants to be more effective inhanding on the faith to others.

Common Sense Catechesis - Paperback

With an engaging and personal style, Fr. Bob Hater considers both the future and the past in this one-of-a-kind bridge building book about catechesis in America.

Divine Renovation Guidebook: A Step-by-step Manual for Transforming Your Parish - Paperback

From the bestselling author of Divine Renovation comes this essential guide for priests seeking to build healthy parishes.

Divine Renovation: Bringing Your Parish from Maintenance to Mission - Paperback

Highly acclaimed for his work with parish renewal and the New Evangelization, Fr. James Mallon shares with us the many ways for bringing our parishes to life.

Divine Renovation: Group Reading Guide - Paperback

Take the transforming principles and ideas outlined in Fr. Mallon s landmark book and apply them to your own parish with this engaging and easy-to-use study guide.

Embracing Hospitality: 10 Reflections on the Virtue of Welcoming - Paperback

In these beautiful reflections, Bishop Morneau reveals how a welcoming spirit is at the core of a virtuous life. It is not an "extra," he says, but a centeral part of Christian discipleship.

Evangelization: Experiencing and Sharing the Catholic Faith - Paperback

In this clear and encouraging guide, Bishop Morneau boils this complex topic down to ten wise insights and then offers seven guidelines that can help all of us be more effective evangelists

Finding the Historical Church. a Hopeful Contribution to the New Evangelization - Paperback

This book seeks to explore the belief that the Catholic Church is the true Church founded by Jesus Christ, both in his earthly ministry (where he commissioned Peter to found his Church, Matthew 16:17-18)...


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