Finding God in Doubt and Disbelief - Booklet

Author: Donnelly, Nick
Publication Date: 01/05/2017
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  • Format: A6 Booklet
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  • ISBN : 9781784691769
  • Number of Pages: 80
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    There are many things that can cause us to doubt or disbelieve in God. Crises, grief and suffering may make us question, ‘How can God allow such things to happen?’ Prevailing secularism may also lead us to doubt whether God is truly present in our life, or even cause us to disbelieve in his very existence.

    Nick Donnelly presents a sensitive exploration of the things that can lead to doubt and disbelief, and offers real hope. Drawing on Sacred Scripture, 2,000 years of Christian living, the wisdom of women and men who overcame doubt, as well as his own experiences, he provides comfort and support to help Christians grow closer to God during times of uncertainty and distrust.
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