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Brief Life of Christ - Paperback

Absolutely excellent for students and for adult review. Capsulizes the main events and sayings of Our Lord. Map of the Holy Land. A chronological outline. Perfect for a refresher.

Ecce Homo: On the Divine Unity of Christ (Interventions) - Paperback

Paul's apostolic proclamation of "one Lord Jesus Christ" in 1 Corinthians lies at the very heart of Christian belief. It forms the starting point of the Christological declaration in the Nicene Creed and is the basis of every subsequent statement...

Jesus: What Catholics Believe - Paperback

What do Catholics really believe about Jesus? Dr. Alan Schreck offers a thorough answer to this question. Jesus is central to everything the Church believes and teaches, yet few people really understand the significance of who Jesus is...

Understanding Jesus: 50 Reasons Why Jesus Matters - Paperback

Divided into three sections, Understanding Jesus presents historical and scriptural background to knowing Jesus better.

Who Do You Say That I Am?: 120 Questions and Answers About Jesus Christ - Paperback

Taken from his popular Q&A column, no one compares with James Drummey in terms of giving clear, concise, and easily understandable answers for questions about the Catholic faith.


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