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A Book of Saints and Heroes - Paperback

Life is a great adventure. God calls each of us to do something that is unique, to give some particular service that only we can give. As we grow up, we pray about this, and are open to hear God's call. This book is about men who did that.

A Book of Saints and Heroines - Paperback

The world needs Christian heroines: women of faith and courage who will serve God and neighbour in every different situation.This book is about some of them, including some honoured by the Church in recent decades...

A Yearbook of Seasons and Celebrations - Paperback

What is the Christian calendar? Would you know how to make an Advent wreath? When is Candlemas? Who was the original St Nicholas? Why do we eat Hot Cross Buns?

Advent & Christmas: Catholic Customs and Traditions - Booklet

  • Format: A6 Paperback
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm
  • ISBN : 9781860826894
  • Number of Pages: 48
  • Come on's Awful - Paperback


    Courage and Conviction. Pius XII, the Bridgettine Nuns, and the Rescue of Jews. Mother Riccarda Hambrough and Mother Katherine Flanagan - Paperback

    The Servants of God Mother Riccarda Hambrough and Mother Katherine Flanagan, English women called to serve the Church as Bridgettine nuns, provided a courageous witness during the Second World War, sheltering Jews from Nazi persecution.

    Engaged to be Married: A Giftbook for Engaged Couples - Paperback

    This small book has been compiled by the Association of Catholic Women to assist those preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage, passing on the wisdom and support of the Christian teaching on Marriage.

    English Catholic Heroines - Paperback

    In this book a group of distinguished authors with varying interests, champion the achievements of twenty-three seminal figures in the history of the English Church...

    Fr. Werenfried

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