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A Century of Catholic Converts - Paperback

Lorene Hanley Duquin These are the conversions that made history. For most of the last hundred years, know-it-alls have been predicting the end of the Catholic Church and, indeed, all organized religion.

A Priest Forever: The Life of Eugene Hamilton - Paperback

This is the true story of Eugene Hamilton, a young man who dreamed of becoming a priest; a young man stricked with terminal cancer as his life was just beginning; a man who was ordained, by papal dispensation, just hours before he died.

A Prophetic Bishop Speaks to His People: The Complete Homilies of Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Volume 1 (Cycle C - 14 March to 25 November 1977) (Series Martyria) - Paperback

This volume is the first in an ambitious initiative by the Romero Trust and Convivium Press to provide English translations of a series of books about the martyred Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Amazing Grace for Survivors: 51 Stories of Faith, Hope & Perseverance - Paperback

In Amazing Grace for Survivors, you will will witness God’s power as He forms and strengthens ordinary people who faced extraordinary circumstances.

Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart: 101 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration & Humour - Paperback


An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels: A Journalist's Investigative Report - Paperback

The book is the sum of his investigations and includes eyewitness accounts of the experiences of pilots, doctors, and journalists; interviews with leading near-death researchers and scientists; interviews with modern saints and visionaries

Atheist to Catholic: Stories of Conversion - Paperback

Many of the former atheists in this book had investigated religion's claims to truth, rejected them--and were shocked to then find themselves turning to faith.

Before the Dawn: Autobiographical Reflections by Eugenio Zolli, Former Chief Rabbi of Rome - Paperback

This is the remarkable and inspiring story of how the famous and revered Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, became a Christian and entered the Catholic Church after World War II.

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